Tetrapteryllis - The history of the club


Our team was founded in 1994. It's name Tetrapteryllis  means "grasshopper" in ancient Greek.  The club was founded by a single athlete, but rapidly  attracted new athletes from other clubs, such as Arion and PAO.  Tetrapteryllis  now numbers over 35 active athletes.

The course of our club has been steadily ascending throughout the years. Tetrapteryllis   started from the 19th place in the National team ranking in 1995 and gradually moved up to  2nd place by the year 2000, a position which it holds until today. During the first two years of it's existence our one and only athlete won the 1st place in the Greek National games, broke a National record and participated in a World Championship tournament in Birmingham, England. In 1997 it was decided that the club should expand and 6 new athletes were enrolled. In1998 the athletes and members very successfully organised their first regional tournament, establishing their strong presence among the Greek clubs. Our  teams achievements in the year 2001 include a man and a junior man participating in the World Championship in China with the National team.

During the years until 2001, the clubs Tetrapteryllis and Arion  Glyfadas work side by side helping one another. But in 2002, due to the discontinuing of the archery department of Arion, Tetrapteryllis  follows an independent and dynamic path, with the acquisition of all the archers from Arion. A lot of our archers have repeatedly had high rankings in the National games and participated in World championships, European championships, Balkan Games, Grand Prix, Junior Cups, and International tournaments with the National team.

The continuous achievements of the team prove the high level of our coach and athletes. It is evident that the athletes of our team can continue on the successful course that they have followed so far.